Western Australia has a tremendously rich and expansive geological history, unrivalled on other continents. Through nine years of geological mapping in this region, Tim Ivanic has grown acquainted with this geological deep time —over four billion years of it — and has found that its history is relatable to other continents. This history spans the birth of the modern Earth — modern in the sense of its geological and atmospheric changes away from an inhospitable Venus-like planet. Forming stratigraphic charts from the data he collected and observing correlations, Ivanic noticed striking musical qualities inherent within graphical representations of geological processes. These records of early Earth provide a narrative of the Earth’s evolution, and open up the possibility of exploring its history through sound.

We are starting our quest by looking into the vast and rich geological data from Western Australia. See below: 2 animated digital maps (in proportional time), the first of the whole state and the second of a detailed area with high time resolution, the subject of our June 2016 symposium. Orange text is what we can see in Western Australia, other text describes broad, global events.

In more detail, here is another animated map showing the area we focused on during the events in June 2016 in York.