Our collaboration in June 2016 in York yielded some very interesting directions for music composition led in various ways from types of geological data as starting materials.

Firstly, here is a representation of some raw chronology data spanning 500 million years. This audio clip maps a piano sound for geological events which vary in pitch according to how closely their age is known.

The following mixed recording overlays the timing of volcanic eruptions and lava flows on granitic intrusions and a background of erosion and sedimentation (piano).

Credit to: Ben Eyes, John Sanderson, Jude Brereton, Carina Fearnley, Hugo Janacek, Naomi Cousins

Secondly, a performance of ‘Crystal Impressions’ was recorded from the courtyard of King’s Manor, City of York. James Cave and Hugo Janacek are on vocals, Ben Eyes as sound technologist and a backing drone track supplied by Daniel Patrick Quinn. Here, James used images of crystals to improvise a melody to reflect rock creation and crystallization and it was responded to by Hugo in order to indicate its enduring effect on the Earth over geological time. The background drone changes intensity according to geological event intensity over the timespan. What follows is a short excerpt from this (with birds and background sounds as well):

Credit also to: Jake Thompson-Bell, James Cave, Tim Ivanic, Ann Warde

In April 2017 we started experimenting with the effects of earthquakes on landscape in italy:

In April 2017 we trialled the sonification of the Earth’s climate record over the last million years: