Our aim is to use stratigraphic timelines outlining various geological processes as inspiration for musicians and sound-artists, in order to open up new ways of understanding geological time, and to examine the relationship between geological and musical processes.  As a group we will explore different techniques for representing geological processes such as meteorite impacts, sea level change, erosion, mountain building, earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonic motions in sound and music.  In particular, we are interested in exploring the links between geology and musical systems which employ complex systems of time-division, such as the tala system in Hindustani classical music

This collective is open to composers, performers, and sound technologists, as well as interested researchers from the earth sciences and other relevant disciplines.

See the parallels we have identified below with a stratigraphic chart compared to a musical layout of tracks. In each case time proceeds along the horizontal axis from left to right.