TJI_GaiaLogo-finalThe young science of geology has only had a grounding for the last 60 years since accurate dating methods have been established, the age of the Earth known, and the paradigm of plate tectonics in place.

More recently, the geological history of the planet (and even other planets and moons) are coming into light. This has allowed an unprecedented view of the tumultuous, chaotic, serene and organic qualities of Earth set in its location in the wider Solar System.

The Gaia Hypothesis (Lovelock, 1975) states that the geological, atmospheric and biological processes on Earth interact in a complex fashion so that the planet as a whole behaves in an organic and life-like way. ‘Gaia’ being the Greek goddess of the mother Earth.

It is this life-like quality that we intend to convey in this work, whereby we use new data to highlight the ancient pulse of the Earth and many other facets. Use the drop-down menu to explore further.