Making Music out of Mountains

On June 7th, the first day of the York Festival of Ideas, we setup in the courtyard of the King’s Manor in the centre of the city of York to perform some of the creations of the previous day in “Making Music out of Mountains”. The event was supported by the York Festival of Ideas. Here we talked about the idea of representing deep geological time in musical forms, we illustrated deep time in a walk across the courtyard, we performed ‘Crystal impressions’ with a background drone which changed according to geological time constraints and we performed an audio landscape of geological sonification in an audio landscape, encouraging audience member to wander among the shifting sounds of volcanoes, granites and sedimentary basins. An article summarises the event here. Thanks to Ben Eyes, Hugo Janacek and a very engaged audience.

[photos to be added shortly]

On June 8th a second day of “Making Music out of Mountains” was an indoor event in a lecture theatre. Here we used visuals to illustrate geological deep time. Then we performed ‘Crystal impressions’ with advancing images of crystal forms. We talked about sonification and how the geological data was turned into several soundtracks and then performed these. Supriya Nagarajan added a new dimension to this day’s event with a talk and performance of rhythmic ‘bowl’ music inspired from sounds of the Earth.

Overall we were impressed with audience questions and thoroughly enjoyed this foray into exploration of sounds relating to geological processes and time.

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